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ACB 30 (English Version)


제품명:ACB 30 (English Version)

제조사:HumanTek (한국)



The ACB-30 model is 3’rd generated system and it is designed to bend semi-rigid cable 3-D shape, according to programmed length 3-dimensional freely. To bend a semi-rigid cable, operator load cut semi-rigid cable to holding unit in system, that is called to collect unit, and then pushed start key to start work procedure. Then system completes 3-D bending progress several bending step automatically in a few second. All bending is based on programming data and any bending step can be programmed easily with PC and Windows XP software that are combined with system.


 Standard system can bend UT-047, UT-085 and UT-141 type semi-rigid cable as well as flexible semi-rigid cable can be reaching. For UT-250, it is also can be process as of option.

<Concept & Features>

  • 3 Axis Motion control technology

  • Can program bending speed in each motion step for various cable kinds to different configuration file and can load easily.


  • Pentium PC / Windows XP software control

  • English Menu and combined operation with GUI and Top down style.

  • 3-D Graphic display screen for bending shape based on programming data and bending step.

  • Maximum 40 Bending Steps.

  • Can be print-Out : There is possible to print out for any program data stored.

  • All parameter can be stored to separated cable program file: It is give help to operate system easily and can be exchanged to any program that worked before.

  • Easy Operation

  • Home positioning is automatically initialized with just select of function in munu.

  • Limit Protection Sensor : It is one of safety function for malfunction of  motion control.

  • Center adjustment dial gauge to set center position between UT-085/UT-141 collect and different size of bending radius wheel : It is needed to aligned strainglthly.

  • Automatic calculation for cut length based on programming data.

  • Can be programmed for compensate rate in each step for bending backrush.


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