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1999. 07

Established HumanTek

1999. 08

Signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Schleuniger in Switzerland for the Wire Harness Processing Equipment

2000. 12

Signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Cyber Optics in United states for the SMT Inspection System

2002. 07

Developed and started supply of Semi-Rigid Cable Auto Bending System

2010. 12

Relocated a new building to Gwanyang-dong, Anyang-si and opened a Technology Development Center

2012. 01

Signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MatriX in Germany for the online/offline

X-ray Inspection Machines

2012. 10

Opened a branch office at Gumi-si for South area support (Demo room, Training Center)

2015. 10

Established a representative Hanoi office in Vietnam

2016. 01

Signed an Distribution Agreement with Nordson AT-ES Group in United States for the product of Asymtek, Dage, Matrix, Yestech

2018. 08

Relocated a Gumi branch office to the HumanTek own building at Gumi-si

(Demo room, Training center)

2018. 09

Relocated a Head office to the HumantTek own building at Gunpo-si

(Demo room, Training center)

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