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Welcome to HumanTek website.


HumanTek is a trading company specializing in the electronics manufacturing machinery in the wire harness, SMT, Semiconductor backend and FAB, and we are also providing total solutions with customized automated systems to customers' needs.


Our mission is to provide advanced and cutting-edge technologies to improve product quality, maximize production yield, and minimize costs for our valued customers' success.

We are providing a strong technologies know-how and professional technical support for  customer in worldwide with our global partners. Through our efforts, we hope it can help advance customers and our partners.


Also based on equipped with systematic and professional operation technologies ability, we would like to respond promptly to customer’s needs and we desire to achieve consistent customer satisfaction to become the best business partner.


In the 21st century of digital economy and quickly changing knowledge society, all our executives and employees promise to become  a partner who works closely with customers.


We hope to “go future together” such as our philosophy.


Thanks & sincerely regards,



Yang SunMo



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